Eddy Electronic Water Descaler and Water Softener Review

Do you live in a hard water territory, and experience the ill effects of the condemnation of limescale in your household water framework? At that point, you are really acquainted with the troublesome of dishwasher getting obstructed with junk, dishes looking vague & grimy, and the fearsome dry skin & hair.

Subsequently, to tackle this issue, distinctive alternatives are offered in the open market. I have been on the quest for a long while to discover an answer to my hard water. In any case a number of conventional water conditioners are not executed as guaranteed, and I was so much frustrated.

Therefore, I have done a broad examination about the currently available water conditioners and come across The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler, which is said to be one of the main five (05) best extraordinary option to a water conditioner framework.

So, let’s take on the review to find out what I truly preferred about this home water conditioner!

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What Is Eddy Electronic Water Descaler?

The Eddy Electronic Descaler is an eco-friendly, minimal effort and the ideal option to the conventional water conditioner and salt-free framework. By utilizing electromagnetic waves, it decreases the impacts of magnesium and calcium ions in hard water without changing its synthetic hardness. Additionally, it actually doesn’t evacuate them, as it is not a genuine water conditioner. However, for diminishing their effects it neutralizes and removes scaling in funnels, bowls, toilets, boilers and pipe work etc.

Contrasting a conventional water softener, no additional water is utilized and no unsafe deposits are flushed down the channel. Thus, you can take out all your issues with a simple setting up of Eddy Water Descaler.

How Does the System Work?

The system of this electronic water Descaler utilizes an electro-magnetic technology that battles the impacts of hard water. Solid deposits that normally settle on the surfaces of channels, sinks, inside machine and faucets because of the presence of disintegrated magnesium, calcium and manganese mixes, are totally slaughtered.

Unlike conventional water conditioners, it does not eliminate the vital nutrients, which is the reason it is named as for providing sound and nutritious

Product Design and Specification

Product Specifications



Price (According to Amazon)


Item Weight (in pounds)


Product Dimensions (in inches)

6.7 x 1.6 x 3.5


110 volts


5 watts

Money back guarantee

12 months



When you introduce the Eddy Electronic Descaler you will have two coils that sit flawlessly around your upcoming water supply pipes. It creates a multifaceted electromagnetic wave that submits an application through these two loops put around your approaching water supply tube straight to the tap.

With this procedure, water is submitted to an adjusting magnetic field as it experiences the curls. At that point, the water gets to be lighter and mineral free as the methodology adjusts the adhesion stuffs of the limescale. This will guarantee that your pipelines and different apparatuses will be protected from the hard water develop.

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Unique Performance

You ought to know that this revolutionary product doesn’t change the chemical hardness of your water. There is good reason behind this, for instance Calcium has been known as to tumbling the danger of heart disease. Along these lines, it doesn’t uproot the stuff that causes lime-scale development, yet it suspends it, meaning your hard water won’t inconvenience you for 48 hours.

Ease of Installation

When I first purchased Eddy Electronic Descaler I was concerned that I may confront issue to install it, however it was much easier than I envisioned. I didn’t even need to slither to a plumber for help. It just took me less than an hour to introduce it. This device doesn’t require you to change anything concerning your current pipe framework, so anyone can install it without the assistance of a plumber.

Despite the fact, it is best suited for families with overwhelming mineral substance in its water supply; I would suggest this item for any home, both for its consequence on maintenance costs and its health advantages as well.

Product Warranty

Yes, guarantee! To add more to the above surprise, you must know that this is the main item available that accompanies a 12-month cash back certification and clients are certain of a lifetime substitution or repair assurance. The producer is so sure this unit will work for you they likewise offer a lifetime repair or substitution guarantee.

Exceptional Features

The exceptional features of the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler are as follows:

  • Cost-effective solution for hard water & limescale

  • Proper salt free water softener alternative

  • Useful for good health as it holds essential supplements like calcium and magnesium

  • Excellent Hi-Power matching coil device

  • 99% consumer loyalty in excess of 14 years

  • The FCC confirmed impedance free

  • Easy DIY establishment – No pipes required

  • Eco-friendly

  • No extra support needed – Fit and overlook

  • Easy installation by any person

  • Complete contentment or your cash back

  • Lifetime warranty against collapse

The Advantages

Using the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler will unconditionally be valuable in the following ways:

  • This profoundly prescribed gadget tackles all your issues coming about because of hard water.

  • Unlike conventional water softeners it does not require a considerable amount of space for installation.

  • An incredible diminishment is seen in the limescale in water.

  • This item utilizes electro-magnetic waves that make it hard for mineral stores to append to anything, so this gadget is suitable for the individuals who are eco-cognizant.

  • Because of its high aptitude and efficiency, this product is not only used in homes, but also can be used in hotels and other business areas.

  • This device is very portable and fashionable to fit your household perfectly.

The Drawbacks

Every other product has weaknesses and is Eddy Electronic Water Descaler not beyond it. So, following are the drawbacks of this device:

  • The major drawback is, after the installing, you will have to wait for some time to get the results from this product.

  • In extreme uncommon cases, it may be less proficient in treating hard water.

But you have the 12-month money back guarantee, so it is still a pretty much superior choice in my opinion.

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To end up the review, I would just say that the measure of the downsides is minor contrasted with the peculiarities alongside the profits. In case, you’re searching for a framework that will decrease the measure of time and vitality you use attempting to remove limescale around your home, and want to expand the life of different machines, I will say that the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is the best you can get. For that reason, buy it and solve your problems.