iSpring RCC7 75GPD Water Filter System Review

The iSpring RCC7 75 GPD is one of the best water filter systems and it is very popular for its effectiveness. This water filter possesses several features and benefits. So, read the review carefully and find out why it is gaining so much attraction from the users.

Let’s have a look at the review;

What Is iSpring RCC7 75GPD?

This water filter is a point-of-use filtering system, which guarantees pure waters, as well as value for money. It has the best value RO system that provides a pure continued flow of waters and it can remove or reduce 99% chlorine, pharmaceuticals, arsenic, fluoride, and microorganisms as well as lead. The iSpring RCC7 75 GPD is noise free and it is certified by NSF to ensure superior performance for each and every use.

Upon purchasing the unit, the users will be able to filter their home waters in an efficient way. Additionally, it is portable in nature and it will make your filtering experience more hassle-free. Moreover, the filter is designed to save space of your home and it will provide all-in-one solution to your filtering problems. So, anyone at anywhere can use this filter to get pure and clean waters.

Why Should Use iSpring RCC775 GPD?

The water filter is a product of iSpring Water System LLC, which is located at the Alpharetta in Georgia. This water filter is suited for both residential as well as light commercial applications. After using this unit, you will get pure along with clean drinking water from your home. Lastly, the product is an affordable one with great quality features. So, these entire facts make the filter a go-to-buy filtration system in the market.

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How Does It Work?

The iSpring RCC7 75GPD works through a 5-stage procedure. They are explained briefly in below:

  1. Stage: Each time you switch on the drinking faucet, the source water will pass through a 5-micron sediment filter, which traps particulate matter such as the dirt, rust, and silt. All these elements can affect your water and make the appearance of your water bad.

  1. Stage: Afterwards, a 5-micron GAC filter will reduce the chlorine taste along with odor. Additionally, the mineral alongside oil, BTEX, Polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PACs) and phenol, as well as halogenated substances will be reducing as well.

  1. Stage: In the third stage, a denser carbon block filter will remove every residual color, taste and odds (CTO). It will also remove difficult-to-remove chemicals such as chloramines.

  1. Stage: This is an important stage where the pressing of water through the NSF certified reverse osmosis (RO) membrane will work. This is the same technology that is used to produce bottle water. This semi-permeable membrane features tiny holes at size of 0.0001 micron will effectively remove arsenic, lead, perchlorate, chromium, copper, TDS (total dissolved solids), sodium, and a long list of other water contaminants. It will remove parasitic cysts, such as giardia and cryptosporidium as well.

  1. Stage: The last stage of filtration will utilize a finer GAC filter that works as a final polishing filter when the water leaves the storage tank.

Design and Specifications



System Capacity

75 gallons per day

Tank Capacity

3.2 gallons

Feed Water Source

Chlorinated/non-chlorinated water supplies

Feed Water pH


Feed Water Pressure

40-80 psi

Feed Water Temperature

40-100 F (4-38 C)

Max Total Dissolved Solids

2000 ppm

System Package Dimensions

14w x 17d x 23h

System Package Weight

30 lbs

The iSpring RCC7 75 GPD is designed in a way that it will save space of your home. Additionally, it weighs 30 pounds and its dimension is 14w x 17d x 23h. Furthermore, it operates at a temperature of 40-100 F (4-38 C) and the water pressure will be 40-80 psi. All these specimens make the design a perfect match for home use.

What is included in the Package?

The package includes the following things:

1st Stage

5 micron 10” high-capacity polypropylene sediment filter (Removes dust, particles, and rust. Certified to NSF/ANSI standards)

2nd Stage

Granular Activated Carbon 5 micron 10” (Gets rid of unpleasant chlorine, tastes, and odors, cloudiness, and colors. Compliant with NSF/ANSI standards)

3rd Stage

Carbon Block 5 micron 10″ (Removes any residual chlorine, tastes & odors, plus compounding pre-filters’ efficiency and extending membrane’s life. Compliant with NSF/ANSI standards)

4th Stage

High Rejection TFC reverse osmosis membrane .0001 microns (Heart of the RO system, produces drinking water at a rate of 75 gallons per day)

5th Stage

Total Polishing Inline Carbon 10” (Removes any possible residual tastes and odors from the tank. Compliant with NSF/ANSI standards)


Premium 3.2 gallons pressurized tank (Add $119.00 to upgrade to 11 gallon tank or $179.00 to 20 gallon tank. Certified to NSF/ANSI standards)


Lead-Free, long reach, goose neck faucet (Compliant with NSF/ANSI standards)


Food Grade tubing (Compliant with NSF/ANSI standards)

Plus Features

Automatic shut-off valve and the check valve (Both work together to shut off the system automatically when the storage tank is filled up)

Installation Hardware

Wrench, tank ball valve, feed water valve, drain saddle, inserts, and manuals

Ease of Use

The use of RO system like the iSpring is complex, but you will get lots of benefits from the filter as well. This water filter works a pre-reserve tank of clean water. So, you can drink clean water at any time. Moreover, the filter life of this water filter varies according to the type and you will have to change three filters in every six months. So, it will not be a big deal for you as I was able to change the filters effortlessly. With these filters, there is another filter that needs to be changed once in a year and the most important membrane has to be changed in 24-36 months time.

Therefore, you will get sufficient time for changing them. Lastly, I had brought the ‘Three year Kit’ because I thought that would be a wise thing to do. So, instead of buying these five filters individually, I brought them in a package and it saved a lot of time as well as money.

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Performance is the main aspect of water filters as you buy them to get clean and pure waters from your home. In that regard, iSpring is very up to the mark. It works on the basis of a 5-stage filtration technique, which I have explained in the upper section. So, with this water filter, I was finally able to enjoy waters that are pure as well as clean.

Besides, I got germ-free waters that taste great as well. Another thing that I like most about the iSpring was that the customer support. Whenever I had some queries, I directly asked the customer service and what I got was a prompt response from the team. Furthermore, after buying the unit, I was assured by a warranty of 30-day money back policy and it proved to me that this water filter will definitely deliver the goods.

The Features

The features of iSpring RCC7 75 GPD are as follows:

  • Best Value Ro System

  • 5-Stage Filtration technique

  • Auto Shut-off Valve

  • Water Detector or Alarm

  • Constructed with WET Parts (Certified BY NSF)

  • Bigger RO Membrane Square Footage

  • 30-Day Money Back Policy

  • Water Adapter

  • Noise-Free and Problem-Free Ro System

  • Great Customer Support

  • Three Year Kit (Full Package of Filters)

  • Wall-Mountable Bracket and Quick Fittings

  • Exceptional Purification System

  • Reliable and Solid Construction

  • Available Replacement Cartridges

The Positives

If I want to talk about the positive sides of iSpring RCC7 75 GPD, then I can say loads of positive sides. So, to give you a clear understanding of its positive sides, I have listed the main positive sides below:

  1. It comprises the best value RO membrane system that provides great taste waters and removes 99% of microorganisms, chlorine, arsenic, and lead, as well as fluoride.

  1. The water filter is installed with 5-stage filtration system, which cleans all the impurities from the water.

  1. The unit is composed of premium 3.2 gallon pressurized tank, which offer sufficient capacity. Additionally, it comes with a gooseneck, long reach, and lead-free faucet.

  1. The water filter is always upgraded with free updates.

  1. The design of the unit is space-friendly and provides you easy-installation.

  1. You can produce lots of quality waters from this unit.

  2. You can remove all the contaminated elements from the waters if you use iSpring RCC7 75 GPD.

The Negatives

Despite the numerous benefits, this water filter has some demerits as well. After few rounds of use, the water line tubing might leak and it will be difficult for you to notice the leaks due to under sink position. Additionally, the overall installation requires some prior plumbing knowledge as well.

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Concluding Remarks

To conclude the review, I would like to highlight that iSpring RCC7 75 GPD is best water filter and I would recommend it for immediate buying. Besides, the features that are incorporated with filter are unique and considered best compared to other filters. Therefore, there is no need to review the model. Just buy iSpring RCC7 75 GPD and enjoy pure and clean waters at your home.